I will teach you how to plan and produce a profitable event!

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Rapid Event Planner Webinar
How to Start a Wildly Profitable Stream of Income Throwing Events...

Without Any Prior Experience!
On this brand new special training, Verdell Coleman reveals:
  • How to become a master at event planning in 90 days, automate 85% of your business so you can focus on creating and scaling a high-level experience for your clients, and get PAID handsomely for throwing high class events.
  •  The behind-the-scenes secrets to throwing some of the world's largest live and virtual events.
  • How to make a six or even seven figure income producing events without working 40+ hours a week or neglecting your family. 
If you've been searching for the perfect Way to create more income, and create memorable experiences that will change other people’s lives....

then this is the most important training you'll attend all year!
During This Webinar, We're Going to 
peek behind the curtain. . .
How To Start Your Own Event Planning Income-Producing Machine
Seriously, I got started in event planning from absolute scratch. No relationships. No experience.  

That's the beauty of this industry and my system. It's not another one of those "red ocean" businesses that requires a ton of know how and start up capital. 

And trust me, when you uncover the massive amounts of profit that event planners are making, you're going to wish you knew about this years ago.
How To Stay Organized So You Never Drop The Ball, Even If You Aren't An Organized Person
The beauty about starting your own event planning business is that anyone can do it as long as they follow the right system

Better yet, you don't have any inventory, expensive rent, or the massive amounts of overhead that a traditional business deals with. 

Instead you get all of the perks and profits that go along with being a business owner, with none of the headache!
How To Negotiate A Venue Contract And Save Thousands Of Dollars
Now this is where the magic is. Anyone can technically start an event planning business, but being able to create a conveyor belt of profitable events is another thing.

On this webinar, I'm going to uncover my methods for creating Win-Win-Win scenarios, identifying low hanging fruit, and how to negotiate seamlessly with your prospects and venues.

This is the exact same process that I've used to host some of the world's largest events!
Meet Your Host and Live Event Expert
Verdell Coleman
I’ve been an event coordinator for nearly a decade and have seen every aspect of the ins and outs of what makes an event successful. Now, I want to give you the same skills and techniques that allowed me to create and scale some of the world's largest conferences and help save you time, money, and energy on costly mistakes that I made starting out. 

The inspiration behind this webinar originated from personal experience when so many friends and family members started reaching out to me, asking questions regarding event planning and how they could take my expertise and start their own event planning businesses.

I decided to teach my friends everything that I know about the business so that they could leave the rat race and start their own businesses. After helping my friend get started, I decided to take my process and go mainstream, realizing that there's many more people that could benefit from my experience.

This special webinar training is the culmination of all the blood, sweat, and tears that I have learned over the years, compiled into easy-to-understand, actionable takeaways so that you can get your very own event planning business off the ground.

This webinar is going to be amazing! Can't wait to see you there.

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